Black Pixie Cut Doll Wig

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Black Pixie Cut Doll Wig

You deserve a doll that can be as stylish as you wish it to be. Whether they look more at home in a mermaid grotto or in a fancy sunlit garden, your doll will fit right in with our Black Pixie Cut Doll Wig. This pixie cut doll wig ends at the nape of the neck, with bangs that brush the forehead delicately. This wig is short and easy to style, and thus is as customizable as the outfits you have for your companion! Our doll wigs reflect more modern and yet fantastical styles that we've come to love today.

Our Black Pixie Cut doll wig is made of heat resistant synthetic fibers that allow for styling up to 410° (though, we suggest a maximum of 350° to avoid damage to the fibers). The unisex style makes it perfect for both male and female dolls. There are three available sizes to fit all manner of dolls. Give your doll a bit more fashionable flair with our Black Pixie Cut doll wig now.

Black Pixie Cut Doll Wig Dimensions:

There are 3 available sizes of the Black Pixie Cut doll wig:

  • 1/3 – Head Girth: 9"-9.5" or 23-24cm
  • 1/4 – Head Girth: 7"-8" or 17.5-18.5cm
  • 1/6 – Head Girth: 6"-7" or 15.5-16.5cm

All other sizes are made to order, please write in the comments about the size requested

Black Pixie Cut Doll Wig Styling Tips:

For tips on how to care for and style your new Black Pixie Cut doll wig, please take a look at our buyer's guide. If you have any further questions, please contact us and our staff will be glad to give you some assistance!

When you want your doll to be as handsome or gorgeous as you can imagine, you need to look no further than our doll wigs. They're perfect for personal enjoyment but will also keep for photo opportunities. Don't delay, your Black Pixie Cut doll wig is waiting for you!