Princess Allura Voltron Inspired Wig

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Voltron Princess Allura Wig

Release your inner diplomat with our Princess Allura Wig inspired by Voltron Legendary Defender!

Ready to take charge, lead the Paladins with grace, and defeat Zarkon while remaining poised and composed? It's a lot of responsibility for a girl who has been asleep for 10,000 years but if you're up for the challenge then our Voltron Princess Allura Wig is perfect for you! If you and your friends are trying to form Voltron yourselves why not check out our wigs inspired by Voltron Legendary Defender? We have a Shiro Wig, Keith Wig, Hunk Wig and Pidge Wig to compliment your brand new Allura Wig!

Voltron Princess Allura Wig Details

  • Comes in 2 (two) sizes.
  • Adult = 23" adjustable wig cap
  • Child = 18" adjustable wig cap
  • High grade Futura fibers
  • Tangle Resistant
  • Heat Resistant

CosplayWigs products are made of a tangle and heat resistant fiber called Futura. Our wigs can stand heat up to 410°F, though we recommend your styling tools not to exceed 340° to avoid changing the fiber's texture and to wait for the fibers to cool before applying a second round of heat. You can style our Allura wig with hairspray or wear as is.