Pennywise the Dancing Clown It Inspired Wig Version 4

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Pennywise Wig

Are you ready to prey on the fears of children, to be the shape-shifter older than time, to be IT? Then you may just be looking for our Pennywise Wig.

Version 4 of our Pennywise Wig is more of a brown color and differs from our other versions. Be sure to check out the other versions of the Pennywise Wig: Version 1 (Orange), Version 2 (Pale Orange), Version 3 (Burnt Orange).

Pennywise Wig Details

This wig has an adjustable 23" cap size for our adult size, or an adjustable 18" cap size for our child size. The wig is made from high grade Futura fibers that are tangle resistant and can withstand heat up to 410°F (though we recommend your styling tools not to exceed 340° to avoid changing the fiber's texture). You can style our Pennywise wig with hairspray or wear IT as is.