Dimitri Anastasia Inspired Wig

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Dimitri Wig - Inspired by the movie Anastasia

Become the most renowned con-artist in all of Imperial Russia with our Dimitri Wig inspired by the movie Anastasia!

With quick wits and a sly grin the con-artist Dimitri is a lovable classic character from the 1997 Don Bluth animated film - Anastasia. If you think you can take Anastasia on a journey across Russia to see the Dowager Empress then this pre-styled Dimitri Wig will help you. Cosplaying with a partner? You’re just in luck! Pair this Dimitri Wig with our Anastasia Wig and send Rasputin back from whence he came.

Dimitri Wig Details:

  • Comes in 2 (two) sizes.
  • Adult = 23" adjustable wig cap
  • Child = 18" adjustable wig cap
  • High grade Futura fibers
  • Tangle Resistant
  • Heat Resistant

CosplayWigs products are made of a tangle and heat resistant fiber called Futura. Our wigs can stand heat up to 410°F, though we recommend your styling tools not to exceed 340° to avoid changing the fiber's texture and to wait for the fibers to cool before applying a second round of heat. You can style our Dimitri Wig with hairspray or wear as is.